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TIDI polyethylene aprons are premium poly aprons that are taffeta embossed. Measuring twenty eight inches by fourty six inches, this white, 1 mil polyethylene apron provides what is needed to help control and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. TIDI gowns are constructed to provide patient modesty and comfort while ensuring convenient access to your patients and hygienic coverage.

TIDI Polyethylene Apron

 To view the spec sheet, please click the following link:
TIDI Polyethylene Apron Spec Sheet

 To address these needs in the healthcare industry, TIDI is committed to producing innovative infection-control products for hospitals, clinics, offices and other environments where infection control is critical. Tidi’s single-use products range from table paper, sponges, and gauze to personal protection equipment (PPE) such as protective eyewear, gowns, masks and gloves.

TIDI Products is focused on reducing resource consumption, minimizing environmental impact and acting in an environmentally responsible manner, in order to provide effective solutions without compromising the well-being of future generations Newly designed packaging provides clear, concise, instant communication. Quickly and simply verify product identity and description for ease in ordering and selecting the right TIDI products for your needs.

TIDI Products is aggressively expanding and diversifying their product portfolio, either through new product development or through the acquisition of companies who are leaders in the marketplace. Our product portfolio includes any single-use product found in the medical and dental environment.

TIDI Products can be found in hospitals, physician, dental and chiropractic offices, extended care facilities, SPD departments, oncology units, EMS vehicles and more. To handle this responsibility, TIDI Products is focused on understanding the needs of medical and dental providers and the requirements of the patients they care for. All of our products consistently meet rigorous quality assurance guidelines, including ISO, FDA, OSHA and the CDC.

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